Our Story

Austin Foil Alliance (AFA) was born with one goal in mind: To share our passion for hydrofoiling.


Hydrofoiling is a unique type of watersport that is based on wings that fly through water instead of planing like traditional skiing. Whether sitting or standing, this sensation of flight is what makes ‘foiling unique and addictive for all ages!


AFA is your gateway to hydrofoiling.  Learn to fly, add new tricks, connect with other foilers, shop for gear.  It's all here.

Al Lewin

Al has been hydrofoiling for more than 30 years. A long time sit-foil pro, Al has won numerous events and has been named Athlete of the Year several times. He is at the forefront of the hydrofoiling community and continues to learn as the sports evolve. Not only a top notch rider, Al has a great teaching philosophy that has helped and influenced riders across the globe. He also helps in the development and testing of new 'foil tech and is an expert foil tuner. His skills, knowledge, and passion make Al a pillar in the 'foil community and one of the most sought after instructors.

Jamie Hill

Born in the mountains, Jamie has always been active outdoors. As a girl her mom bribed her into learning to slalom, which began her passion for water sports. Jamie happened across hydrofoiling after moving to Austin and has loved it since! She is an accomplished rider with several inverts on the sit foil! She is also a great boat driver, coach, and so much more. Her enthusiasm and attitude help make Austin Foil Alliance an inviting, fun, and smooth running experience for all on board!